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Monday, February 22, 2010

"Guess the Celeb" identity revealed!

And the Mystery Celeb is.....Stephen Colbert.

Stephen was working with Second City in the 1980's and needed a quick headshot for an audition. I got this frantic call on a Saturday wanting to know if I could shoot a photo session and get a finished shot ready for a Monday audition. He came over to my "studio" which at that time was the living room of my Uptown apartment. We shot a quick session and he left. I then processed the negs in my kitchen sink (old school, remember) and then cranked out some prints in my darkroom (er, spare bedroom actually.) Stephen stopped by Sunday evening, picked out a print and took off to become, well you know, Stephen Colbert. I like to think that maybe I was a small step as he climbed the ladder (hey careful due, that's my head.) Just another instance of my quality professional service providing great results on time and on budget. Maybe you could step on me too on your way to the top.

Several people sent in correct entries for the contest. These included:

David Lewton
Mary Kay Kammer
Jerry Bloom
Tim Burke
Michelle Thomlison
Malcolm Rothman
Kelsey Wilkinson

The amazing part is that many guessed immediately from the hair only (jeeze, he doesn't even have that hair anymore) while others needed the raised eyebrow.
The prize winner will be chosen by random selection from the correct entries and contacted to schedule his or her headshot/portrait session.
Thanks to all that played, it made it fun!

So put on your coat and keep warm like Stephen.

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