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Sunday, January 15, 2017

TRIC flash trigger and app for iPhone

   So am testing out the TRIC flash trigger and app as an alternative workflow for my event photos.

The TRIC site is here.

This is a hardware/ app combo that allows you to sync a flash to an iPhone via Bluetooth technology.
So far the hardware works as described. The app is a little buggy but does work within it's limitations.

  I have been using the TRIC trigger mounted on a Canon speedlight. All this I have attached to a Beastgrip rig (which I will review separately later.) This configuration works well with the camera mounted in I can handle the camera and use the controls pretty comfortably.  I am using a custom made light modifier but you could use a cube or whatever.

  The purpose in this is so I can shoot event photos and then upload the photos almost instantly to Facebook or an FTP server with an acceptable image quality. So far so good, I have "live" posted galleries to Facebook and populated photos to a pre-made gallery on a news website.

   The negatives are noteworthy.

1-no TTL just manual flash control (although I suppose you could use the auto settings on an old thrysister flash unit???-totally retro old school)

2-top shutter speed of around 1/30 second.

3-The camera control app is not intuitive or highly controllable (even the paid TricCam app which I am using.)

So as it says on the website TRIC is not for everybody.
Still the possibilities are cool. If you should need to you can sync an iPhone to a studio setup directly or via pocket wizards ( I will try this in a couple days.)

More later. If anyone else is using the TRIC feel free to email or comment with your experiences.

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